Meet Larry

A lifelong South Dakotan, Larry Rhoden knows the importance of hard work, integrity and service to our country and community. Born and raised in the Sturgis area, Larry graduated from high school at Sunshine Bible Academy near Miller in 1977. Upon completion of high school, he attended Northwestern Vocational School in Sturgis where he was enrolled in the ranch management program. He later enlisted in the Army National Guard and graduated with honors from the NCO Academy.

In August of 1981, Larry married Sandra Murphy, an elementary school teacher in the Meade 46-1 School District. They are the proud parents of four sons, Jesse, Cody, Reggie and Tristen.

A rancher for 32 years, Larry operates a ranch near Union Center, where he also does custom welding.

Larry believes that South Dakota is the best place on earth to live, work and raise a family. That’s why he has been committed to serving in his community. Larry has served as a Trustee for Union Center Community Baptist Church, a volunteer firefighter, and as a School Board member for the Meade 46-1 district.

In 2000, Larry continued his service to South Dakota by being elected to the South Dakota State House of Representatives. Known as a strong conservative leader in the Legislature, Larry was selected by his peers as Majority Leader. In 2008, Larry was elected to the South Dakota State Senate. Currently, he serves as Majority Whip, chair of the State Affairs Committee and a member of the Natural Resources Committee. Throughout his time in the House and Senate, Larry was a strong advocate for cutting taxes, reducing spending, standing up for the 2nd Amendment, defending traditional family values and protecting private property rights.

Poor decisions by career politicians in Washington have led to $17 Trillion Dollars in debt, jeopardized our constitutional freedoms and eroded the social fabric of our society. To turn our nation around, Larry firmly believes that Washington needs to change course.

In the past few months, South Dakotans from across all parts of the state have encouraged Larry to run for U.S. Senate because they believe he has the courage, conviction and conservative values to change Washington. On July 10th, Larry announced he was running for the U.S. Senate with announcements in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

On The Issues

Larry Rhoden: Defending Conservative Values, Protecting Constitutional Freedoms, Reforming Washington

Larry’s vision for the future:

  • Reduce taxes and unleash the power of small business to create the jobs of the future
  • Cut spending and support a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Secure the border and oppose amnesty for illegal aliens
  • Oppose big bank bailouts
  • Protect the unborn and defend traditional marriage
  • Repeal Obamcare and embrace free-market solutions for health care

Larry Rhoden’s 5-Point Plan to Reform Washington

Today, I’m presenting South Dakotans with my 5-point plan to reform Washington. The problems we face are deeper than any one law, and bigger than any one person. We need fundamental reform in Washington to create an environment where our nation’s best interests are always our first priority.

I want to be clear, my legislative priorities remain unchanged. They are: first, to repeal Obamacare; second, to control and reduce spending; and third, to reign-in repressive bureaucracy like the EPA.

These things are possible, but not if we allow Washington to continue operating business-as-usual, and not if we send people to Washington who will settle for the status quo. We need to change how Washington works before we can change what Washington does.

At its core, my plan increases the level of scrutiny applied to the federal government. Measures like term limits would increase the number of open positions and fresh ideas in our nation’s capital. In turn, these positions could be filled by any number of qualified Americans willing to serve and willing to make real change. More involvement equals more scrutiny.

I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge not merely for the sake of lowering taxes, but for the overarching purpose of controlling and reducing runaway government spending.

To this end, I support a balanced budget amendment, the line item veto, and suspending lawmakers’ pay when they fail to do their jobs. Each of these items allows for greater scrutiny throughout the budgetary process.

I support a requirement that all lawmakers place their major assets and investments in a blind trust for the duration of their service.

Finally, lawmakers must be required to follow the same laws they pass. Special exemptions for lawmakers and their staff are an insult to a free and and open democracy.

America is poised for a recovery, but we remain hobbled by the discord and disfunction in Washington. I’ll say it again, before we change what Washington does, we need to change how Washington works. My plan will change how Washington works.

  1. Pass Term Limits

    Larry Rhoden supports a constitutional amendment setting term limits for members of Congress. Rhoden signed the U.S. Term Limits Pledge, which is a written promise to co-sponsor legislation that limits House members to three terms and Senators to two terms. Futhermore, Larry Rhoden stands by his pledge to limit himself to two terms in the U.S. Senate.

  2. Stop the Capitol Hill to K-Street Revolving Door

    Members of Congress should be banned for life from becoming federally registered lobbyists after they leave office. Further, immediate family of Members of Congress should be prevented from becoming federally registered lobbyists while that particular member holds federal office.

  3. Tighten Spending Rules

    Larry Rhoden supports a three-pronged approach to tighten our federal spending:

    • Balanced Budget Amendment. Larry supports an amendment to the Constitution requiring that every budget be a balanced budget.
    • Line Item Veto. Larry also supports the line item veto whereby pork barrel spending and pet projects could be eliminated without jeopardizing an entire bill.
    • No Work No Pay. When Congress and the Senate fail to pass a budget on schedule their pay should be suspended until they pass a balanced budget.
  4. Reinforce Ethics Laws

    Blind Trust Requirement. Larry supports a requirement that all Members of Congress place their major assets and investment and retirement funds in a blind trust.

  5. Eliminate Special Exemptions for Lawmakers

    Larry supports a requirement that all lawmakers be subject to the same laws they pass.

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